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Balanced Hormone Replacement Therapy

Balanced Hormone Replacement Therapy

Millions of people of all ages and life stages experience symptoms from a variety of common conditions that can be alleviated with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT). While mass-produced hormone therapy does exist, it is limited in its usefulness since each person’s individual hormone makeup is unique.

Why use BHRT?

Bio-identical hormones are synthetic hormones with the exact same chemical structure as those the human body produces, so your body will recognize them and they will function the same way as if your body had produced them. Custom compounded BHRT allows us to target your SPECIFIC hormone replacement needs and offer an individualized course of treatment in a variety of strengths and dosage forms.

How does it work?

Your first step is to complete a comprehensive Hormone Health Assessment, including your medical history, listing your current symptoms, and a saliva test. Then, your customized recommendation is provided to your physician. The pharmacist will consult with you at your convenience to share the results of your Hormone Health Assessment. Your pharmacist cannot prescribe any medications, but will work with your physician to obtain one if needed.

We will work with you!

Your Avant compounding pharmacist is a valuable member of your BHRT care team. We will monitor treatment to help you make any adjustments needed. Start your personalized care relationship today!

Ready to complete your Hormone Health and Symptom Assessment?