3D Body Scan


What is a 3D body scan?

Our 3D body scanning technology measures body data and composition. It digitally measures circumferences like hip, thigh, waist and bust.

We love to use this scan to compare your physical external changes throughout your wellness and weight loss journey!

How does the scan work?

The 3D body scan is completed in seconds using just a simple turntable and a 3D camera. In less than 1 minute, millions of measurements are extracted with 2mm accuracy and you can watch as your body is reconstructed in 3D.

Each scan is analyzed and reviewed with our clinical pharmacist.

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Body Scan


What is a body scan?

Our body analysis machine provides standard outputs like Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and BMR, plus total body water, visceral fat assessment, and other vital measurements.

This tool is used to assess physical internal changes that happen throughout your wellness and weight loss journey.

How does the scan work?

Our body analysis machine’s medical-grade body composition analyzers use four pillars of technology to provide accurate, precise direct segmental measurement multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA) extensively validated to gold-standard methods.

This scan is performed in less than 5 minutes and the results are analyzed and reviewed with our clinical pharmacist.

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Can’t decide which scan to get?

Get both! Take advantage of our discounted price for getting both scans done in the same appointment, see below to schedule your appointment today.

Cognivue Assessment


What is a Cognivue assessment?

Cognivue Thrive is the first FDA cleared device to screen for cognitive impairment when it matters most…when it is still reversible.

This assessment evaluates three cognitive domains: memory, visuospatial, and executive function. Cognivue Thrive also measures two speed performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing. These domains and parameters are key to overall performance at any age.

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Wellness Consultations

Why would I need a consultation?

  • To learn more about a supplement or ask a wellness question. Use this consultation to ask questions about your supplements, medications, wellness and weight loss.
  • To learn about ways to stay healthy, improve your health, or obtain a wellness plan to potentially decrease or come off some of your prescription medications without going through a full program.
  • If it’s been a while since you have had labs, you can use this time to get a picture of your current health.

We offer an initial complimentary 15-minute consultation. See below for scheduling.