Wellness Program

About Me

Meet Desiree, our Director of Health & Wellness

I am Desiree Gaines, Clinical Pharmacist and Director of Health and Wellness at Avant Pharmacy and Wellness Center. I struggled coping with my weight after having 3 girls, dealing with stress and… let’s face it… COVID!  I tried programs in the past that were the typical “eat less, move more” or required taking medications that often made my blood pressure get worse instead of better. I knew I was ready for a change, but needed a program that was right for me and only me.

The Restore Regimen wellness and weight loss program is designed to “meet you where you are” to reach your maximum wellness potential. This pharmacist-led program seeks to change lives by individualizing wellness and weight loss strategies to help people achieve their personal health goals and empower them to make lasting changes.  We help you achieve this by resetting your body chemistry using a comprehensive approach to wellness and weight loss.

Learn About Our Unique Wellness Packages

Our individualized packages start by getting to know you through a series of assessments and questions. We want to know your medical history, including what medications you take, what has worked, what has failed, past traumas, or experiences in your life.

Email: wellness@avantpharmacy.com for more information!