Community Resources

At Avant Pharmacy and Wellness Center, we are committed to collaborating with our community partners to provide valuable resources to our patients.

We have a dedicated team of board-certified pharmacists working alongside community partners that are well equipped to help our community completely eradicate the spread of HIV. Through timely testing, PrEp, and medication, we have found a way to make the virus undetectable and hence untransmittable. By ensuring our community is well informed, well resourced, and taking proactive measures, we can reach our #GettingToZero goal.

Free HIV Testing

Treatment and Medication

Amity Medical Group is a non-profit organization with HIV-specialist medical providers that are dedicated to the #GettingToZERO cause. AMG also offers The Ryan White Program which covers the costs of medical care and support services for both uninsured and insured eligible individuals.

Support and Case Management

More Resources Coming Soon!