Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services


Education/Disease Management

We offer education on diabetes, HIV/AIDS care management, using medical devices, proper techniques for using inhalers, managing chronic illnesses, asthma counseling and smoking cessations.


Safety First

ScriptPro’s SP200 with Collating Control Center is a proven and reliable prescription dispensing system that automates the repetitive, manual dispensing tasks most subject to human error and automatically collates all prescriptions for each patient.


Preventative Care

We offer free Vitamin Program for children and adults, immunizations (Flu shots, Pneumonia shots, shingles and Travel vaccinations), health Screenings (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, A1c, HIV testing through collaboration with other providers) and more.


Patient Compliance Packaging

We work with you to ensure compliance on blister packing, pill box filling and unit dose packaging. WE ACCEPT MEDICAID, MEDICARE, AND ALL MAJOR INSURANCES!

Monroe Location Only


Durable Medical Equipment

Avant Pharmacy provides Medical equipment and related supplies for individual patients, Clinics, Assisted Living Centers and more.

Monroe Location Only


Free Delivery

We understand that many of you live alone or simply do not have reliable transportation to come to our pharmacy. That is why we are proud to offer free delivery in Charlotte NC.