For Our Providers

We offer a variety of support systems to our local medical providers. We work in collaboration to ensure that our medical providers are successful in the community by supporting them to meet CMS Star Ratings and Clinical Quality Measures.

On the community pharmacy side, our clinical community pharmacists perform Medication Therapy Reviews (MTMs) on all of our patients to assess for drug therapy optimization and screen for side effects, drug-drug-interactions. Completing MTMs is a CMS Star Rating for all pharmacies.

Our community pharmacists provide additional counseling services for our specialty patients on medications that require high touch and close follow up. Communication is our number one assets for our providers. We aim to provide a high quality experience for our community partners. Please let us know how we can help provide better pharmacy care for your patients.

In the ambulatory outpatient care setting, we have clinical community pharmacists that work in collaboration with medical providers to provide preventative care services such as Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Weight Loss counseling, Smoking Cessation, Advance Directive counseling, Diabetic Foot Assessments, Diabetic Shoe Fittings, Diabetes Self-Management Education and much more.

By freeing our providers, they are able to see the high complexity patients and practice at the top of their license. Through our work in AWV and CCM, we help the clinic meet their CMS and PCMH quality measures. For clinics wishing to improve their quality measures, contact us to see how we can work together to offer new or improved services in your clinic.

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