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Rx Clinic Pharmacy is pleased to offer our
Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service.


Administered by OutcomesMTM, our MTM is designed to assist patients with all of their medication needs. Our goal is to work collaboratively with local prescribers to enhance our patient’s quality of care. Our pharmacists  can conduct a comprehensive medication review of a patient’s prescription and nonprescription medications, as well as vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and other dietary supplements

We will also provide patient counseling on new prescription orders, over-the-counter therapies and refills of chronic medications.

We contact patients, as needed, for follow-up monitoring visits to check their progress with new medications, and to ensure drug therapy problems such as adherence or improper medication administration, have been adequately resolved.

What Are the Benefits of Our MTM Program?

We believe that educating patients on appropriate medication use can improve their adherence, help them reach and maintain their therapeutic goals, and prevent medication errors. To ensure medication effectiveness, our pharmacists will conduct follow-up phone calls to monitor a patient’s symptoms and compliance with the medication regimen.

We offer patient counseling services that can assist in selecting the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate generic or brand name medications. If we find a medication that is more cost effective than the patients current medication, our pharmacists will consult you and receive your authorization before any medication changes occur.

Many patients see multiple providers for various health conditions, which can lead to duplicate therapies or harmful medication interactions. We will provide patients with a personal medication record that contains information pertaining to all of their medications, and a medication action plan that explains the safest and most effective use of their medications. We instruct patients to bring these records on all visits with you and other prescribers to provide you with the patient’s full medication history.

Our pharmacists will carefully document all MTM services provided to eligible patients. In addition, you will be notified if a patient’s clinical situation requires your attention and any changes made to a prescription medication will only be made with your prior authorization. All documentation will be kept at our pharmacy and is available to you as needed.

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