Simple Nourishment

Simple Nourishment

Disease Prevention

Prescription medications are an integral part of improving the health of patients on a daily basis. However, a topic that is just as important as treating disease states is indeed preventing the diagnosis. The most common way to increase patient care as well as chronic disease state prevention is life style modifications. These commonly include physical activity as well as nutritional education which challenge patients to not simply crash diet but change eating and activity habits. However, another change that can assist in disease state prevention is nutritional supplementation. The idea of using nutritional supplements in conjunction with lifestyle changes focuses on replenishing what the body uses on a daily basis. By restoring those vitamins and minerals that the body continually uses, the body is able heal its self and rejuvenate.

Exclusive Line

The main concern with using vitamins and supplements is the origin of the products. Many health care professionals are hesitant to recommend specific products as a result of unreliable data regarding the contents of the product as well as the validity of the supplement origin. Avant Pharmacy & Wellness in Charlotte, NC has created an exclusive line of quality supplements that can only be found at each of the company’s three locations. The products are manufactured by a compounding company that promotes quality of products and that have been approved by the government for patient use, called “Simple Nourishment”. The history behind the name of the line refers to the company’s desire to provide care to all patients in a holistic approach. The pharmacy specializes in unique services including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, pharmacogenetics, disease state education, medication synchronization, adherence packaging, free delivery, compounding of hormones, and other medications.


The line of vitamins, minerals and supplements range from Vitamin C and calcium to combinations of supplements to support brain health and memory. Specific products can be found at an Avant location where a licensed pharmacist can assist in helping choose the best product for patient needs. A quick consultation can produce information regarding the nutrients that each body may be lacking due to current lifestyle or medications. In-depth Medication Therapy Management sessions may reveal what nutrients prescription medications may be depleting from the body. Consultations may also cover nutrients that must be restored as each individual ages.

Trusted and Quality

This product line is important because it provides a brand that patients can trust. A product that has been tested for quality. Each individual should feel as though the product was designed for their specific need. As patient’s move toward non-prescription methods of medicine, it is important that all products are safe and effective. Each ingredient in every supplement should be what the patient expects. The percentage of active ingredient in some over the counter supplements can be astonishingly low and the labels may not report all ingredients included. However, Avant Pharmacy & Wellness is working hard to insure that each patient is provided with the best products and the best care to promote the best result. Try Simple Nourishment and allow your body to become the best body possible by going back to the basics.