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DHEA Tablets: Optimal Health Inside Out

Explore and know the uses, benefits, and consumption methods of DHEA tablets. Also, find out whether you are an appropriate candidate or not for the consumption of these tablets. But, before that, let’s delve into DHEA that naturally produces in your body and try to understand its role. 

An Overview of DHEA 

The human body has more than 50 hormones that play a key role in the control, regulation, and maintenance of many different functions. DHEA is one of those hormones. It stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone. Adrenal Glands which are found just above the kidneys are the place where the production of DHEA takes place. This Hormone is responsible for the production and regulation of other hormones in the human body, especially male and female hormones called testosterone and estrogens. 

DHEA is essential for the human body for many reasons. It is not only linked with sex hormones but also plays a crucial role in the immune system, bone density, anti-ageing, and overall mood and well-being. Its role in boosting sex drive and slowing aging is well known. Factually, Dehydroepiandrosterone peaks in early adulthood (around mid-20) and goes down with aging, generating the need for synthetic DHEA in many elderly people and even young. That’s where DHEA tablets, capsules, creams, or gels become necessary.

Let’s find out what they are, what are their primary uses & benefits, what is the ingredient profile, and what are the potential side effects. 

DHEA Tablets: Synthetic Solution to Maintain DHEA in the Human Body

DHEA tablets are synthetic Dehydroepiandrosterone extracted from soy and wild yam. They are a popular dietary supplement, available at stores as OTC products. However, a physician’s prescription may also be needed in some cases. 

They fulfil the deficiency of DHEA in the human body and maintain its normal level.  Various studies and research show a broad range of health benefits of consuming DHEA supplements. The potential health benefits include optimal sexual function, improved bone density, reduced body fat, etc.

Different Forms of DHEA Supplements

DHEA supplements are available in various forms, making them convenient for consumption. Tablets are the most common of DHEA supplements. The other forms of this popular dietary supplement available at medical stores and online stores include capsules, powder, topical cream, and gel. It is important to note that the consumption method could be different for different forms of DHEA supplements. Read the instructions printed on the product label or packaging carefully or simply consult a physician before adding DHEA supplement to your meals. 

Need For DHEA Supplements 

Hormonal balance in the human body is essential for smooth functioning. If any hormone’s level falls down, it may increase the risk of many different diseases related to heart and mental health. DHEA’s production naturally decreases in the human body with age. In fact, it falls down up to 80% in elderly people, triggering various heart diseases. To avoid this, physicians recommend DHEA tablets. This supplement maintains DHEA normal level in the human body, resulting in improved body functions and appearance.

Health Benefits of DHEA Supplements 

Several health benefits of DHEA supplements have been reported so far. Not only do studies claim its benefits, but people with low DHEA production also experienced noticeable improvements. The following are the areas DHEA capsules, tablets, or creams are effective:


DHEA creams, capsules, and tablets have been proven to support anti-aging in many studies and research. Taking DHEA 5 mg tablets to 50 mg tablets a day or applying prescribed DHEA cream on the skin can significantly improve the body’s appearance, composition, and cognitive health. This supplement increases the amount of DHEA in the human body, resuming normal body functions. 

Infertility and Low Level of Libido 

Since the DHEA supplement has an effect on male and female sex hormones, it is obvious that it is associated with fertility and sexual functions. In many studies, it has been found that women with infertility problems witnessed improvements with the regular consumption of DHEA capsules or tablets. Moreover, some studies claim that DHEA consumption plays a key role in increasing libido in the human body which is linked with sexual functions. Thus, DHEA supplements are effective in improving fertility and increasing sex drive. 

Viginal Atrophy

Viginal Atrophy is a condition in which women experience dry, thin, and swollen viginal walls. The main cause for Viginal Atrophy is less production of estrogen in the body. Most often this condition occurs after menopause and is more common in women aged above 40. Women may experience severe pain during intercourse while suffering from Viginal Atrophy. Since DHEA supplements support the production of estrogen, it helps treat this condition. The healthcare practitioners may prescribe DHEA gel or topical cream that needs to be inserted through a Viginal opening. Consult your physician for the dosage and consumption of DHEA supplements.


Depression is very common in all ages of people except for children. A variety of medications, therapies, and treatments are available in today’s healthcare which is often costly. However, there are alternatives like DHEA supplements. Studies have found DHEA capsules, tablets, and other forms of supplement effective in treating depression caused by low production of Dehydroepiandrosterone. Consult a certified healthcare practitioner for the consumption of DHEA supplements.

Fat & Muscle Strength 

Although there are not enough studies, research, or evidence backing up the effect of DHEA on fat-burning and boosting muscle strength, many medical professionals support it. Also, some reputed and popular online health forums mention the effectiveness of DHEA supplements for burning fat and increasing muscle strength. However, it is crucial to consult with your physician before making any decision on the DHEA consumption. 

Apart from the above health benefits, DHEA capsules and tablets are also effective in areas like autoimmune disorders, cognitive functions, physical performance, and adrenal problems. 

Consumption Method of DHEA Supplements

The DHEA consumption method, depending on the form of supplement, the need of the patient, and the present health condition, could be different. You may consume DHEA 5 mg tablets to 50 mg tablets daily for up to 1 or 2 years for an effective and side-effects-free treatment. For a one-year treatment, 50 mg DHEA a day is usually prescribed and for a 2-year treatment, your physician may prescribe 25 mg DHEA tablet a day. 

For DHEA cream or gel, consult your healthcare practitioner for the application. Generally, physicians recommend applying DHEA cream or gel on thin and hairless skin. Around 1-2 pumps of the bottle would be enough for the application. You may be recommended to apply this two times a day. 

Concluding Remarks 

DHEA tablets are effective in improving many body functions and health areas. The popular health benefits of this include anti-aging and increased sexual drive. You may buy it over the counter and use it as per the product’s instructions. However, it is always a wise decision to consult with a certified physician. 

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